Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving food and 2.75 year old melt down.

I made a Pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving. It turned out really good. I'm not sure is anyone else liked it, but Howard, Aidan and I did. I also made a pumpkin bread, I KNOW that the kids liked that!

unfortunately Aidan had a major melt down just before dinner. I think it was a combination of too much action, not eating at the normal times, and missing his afternoon nap. But he was screaming, hitting himself, kicking his feet and crying. He wouldn't calm down for almost half an hour. Howard took him outside and just let him do it. He stood there to make sure he didn't really hurt himself. Things got worse whenever Howard tried to talk to him, or tried to calm him in any way, so all he could do was sit back and watch. Finally I went outside, it must have been the right moment because Aidan came into my arms and calmed down a little. He was still crying, as if he was extremely sad. We decided that it was time to take him home, and gathered things. By the time we left, Aidan was almost normal again. Once we got home, he ate a little, and went to bed. It was about 45 minutes earlier than normal. He's been fine since, so he isn't coming down with anything. (Thank Goodness!) This is not normal for him, I can count the melt downs we have had to go through on one hand. I wish I could have stopped this one. I'll have to be sure that Aidan gets a nap before we go over for Christmas. And I need to remember that when they say 2 or 3 as the time to arrive that it's more likely to be 5 or 6 before everyone gets there and we are able to have dinner. SO I need to make sure that Aidan is rested and has had something to eat BEFORE we get there. Oh, and we won't be going over until 5 or so. I felt so bad for Aidan, he must have been so overwhelmed. And now everyone has this image of him that isn't even close to how he really is. On top of that, all the other kids spend time together so they know each other well, and they had their GrandMother and Great-Grandmother there to be on their side and think they are the coolest, best and cutest. Aidan had his Daddy and me. Which is normally enough, but he didn't have anyone SPECIALLY his. Maybe if Jimmy and
Buna were here it would have been different. Maybe not. At least he isn't old enough to really notice the differences. Am I being overly bothered and worried about this?

Whining and self pity.

I'm still feeling very emotional. I miss my family and friends SO very much! Maybe it's my hormones causing this unusually sad feeling. I know that things are changing inside me, I think I'm getting closer to menopause. So I'm likely to be feeling kind of... off... for awhile. I just feel so alone here, I don't have any friends that are not Howard's family. My family are all so far away. Even my brother Cody is kind of out of reach for the most part. Well, at least Aidan is here to help bring my mood up a little. And Howard has been pretty understanding through it all. He wants to move back to Oregon even more than I do, so I guess it's pretty easy for him to understand how I miss home.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Howard and I have been a little sick the last couple of days. I think that we are finally on the mend now though.

Tomorrow we will be going over to his Aunt's house for Thanksgiving. I'm making a Pumpkin Cheesecake for the pot luck type dinner. I hope it turns out well.

I miss MY family and friends very very much. This time of year it seems to get worse, maybe because I have more time to think about them. I want you all to know that I'm thinking of you, I wish we could share Thanksgiving. I love you all.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Aidan and bed time.

We've had a few really busy days lately. Aidan isn't getting naps in the afternoon very often any more, which means he is more tired in the evenings. On Saturday we were out most of the afternoon, we are running the truck while Jimmy is on vacation. Aidan got to see some cows at the a dairy we were working at, and ran around and had a good time. We had dinner around 5, and then watched a little TV. Aidan got up from his chair and wandered off into his bedroom. I could hear him playing in there. After awhile I noticed that I hadn't heard him in a little while. I thought he had some how gotten into my bedroom, he loves to go in there for some reason. So I got up to check on him. But he wasn't back there. I looked in his room and he was up on his bed, covered up, and snuggled with his Elmo, fast asleep. (Elmo used to be mine, The Girl and Hennifer gave him to me, but Aidan fell in love with him so now Elmo is his. I hope they don't mind.) That is the first time he has ever done that. He did wake up around 11, but a diaper change and Pajamas, and a hug and kiss did the trick. He slept the rest of the night. Lately if we ask him if he is ready for night-night, he will go get Elmo and go to his bed. Well, if it's about 8 o'clock or there abouts. No bed time problems yet, thank goodness.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Another knitting post.

Well I actually did it, I got some wonderful yarn and made a sweater for Aidan. It's not really high quality yarn, but it's really soft and it looks good. I made it with Lion Brand Homespun yarn in "Montana Sky" which is a nice blue, kind of bumpy yarn.

It's too big, I had to knit it when he was sleeping so I just did it. LOL The sleeves and the lower edge have a roll built in. It's hooded, and should have a pocket on the front but I ran out of yarn before I got that far. He likes it ok, but since the sleeves are so long it's a bit of a problem, even rolled up the sleeves tend to slip down over his hands.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I got new glasses

Three or four weeks ago the right lens fell out of my glasses and broke. So I went in for a check up and to order new glasses. They arrived a couple of days ago, but I didn't get the notice until today. So here are a couple of pictures of me with my new glasses. They are the smallest lenses I've ever had, except maybe when I was a small child. The color in the photos is kind of poor, we were inside and didn't want to use the flash. I'll get some better photos soon.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Photo editing.

I finally found a photo editing program with clear directions on how to do what I really wanted to do. And it was FREE! So here is my favorite so far.

It was really very easy. The program is GIMP. There are a few other things I want to do, one of which is to change the back ground.