Friday, March 30, 2007

To all my Blogging friends.

Do you have blogs you visit regularly? I do, and it's not that I'm upset that some of them haven't had anything to say lately but I get worried when it's been months since the last entry. I know that these people have their own lives, and that their blog isn't their first priority. I just miss hearing from them. Many of them I don't know IRL, and those I do know ... well we don't seem to be all that good at keeping touch on the phone or even with e-mail. I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a worrier. I'll get over it. But, hey, if you are one of the bloggers I like to read and you haven't blogged in a while, I'd really appreciate it if you'd check in and let your readers know you are still alive and well. Thanks.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aidan stuff

Aidan loves books. He always wants to go to the book store and wants to bring home at least one book every time we visit. Luckily for us we have a used book store just up the block, we can get nice new books, and gently used books for good prices. Plus they have a free box or sometimes boxes that they put out every day, we have come across some really good books there, but they are usually worn or marked on or have something else wrong with them, not usually something that would make them useless. I'm very happy that he likes books so much, now I just have to get him to understand that he shouldn't write in them.

Aidan is talking more and more these days, you still can't have a conversation with him (But I think that is close), but he talks in complete sentences, and his pronunciation is very good. Last Sunday Aidan was playing in his room, he came out and said "I'm Tarzan!"

I said "You are Tarzan? Happy to meet you." We shook hands and he ran back to his room to play some more. I was talking to my Mom on the phone at the time.

He came back a little later and said "You are Tarzan."

"I am? No, I'm Mama."

"No, you are Tarzan's Mama." And off he went back to play.

Just before I was finished talking with my Mom he came back and said "You're too late."

"Too late for what?"

"You are just too late." He went back to his room. After I finished talking to my Mom, about 3 minutes or so later, I went to check on Aidan. He was laying in his bed with his little Thomas "Laptop computer" Game on the bed next to him, he was sound asleep. LOL I guess I was too late to put him to bed.

On Tuesday we went to the Goodwill clothing by the pound store, we found a really nice sleeping bag a few towels, and two shirts for Aidan. We also found a book that Aidan loves, and a large suitcase with wheels. We packed the suitcase with our stuff to bring home. Yesterday we went to the grocery store, and took the suitcase to carry the groceries home in. Aidan decided that he wanted to ride in the suitcase rather than the stroller. Howard let him do it so it was up to him to pull the suitcase full of child. It was funny when people noticed his feet hanging out and when we passed a restaurant with Aidan's legs sticking out. (He was holding them straight out so that his shoes didn't drag on the sidewalk.) There was a group of little old ladies sitting at window table and we could see them pointing at us. I wondered what they were thinking. LOL On the way home to suitcase was full of good so Aidan couldn't ride in it, he decided to walk beside his Daddy and "help" pull the heavy suitcase. Those ladies were still at the table and recognised us, they smiled and waved at us.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dear Sister Friend.

I'm sorry that I didn't comment before. I couldn't remember my password, and now it tells me that you are not using that feature? Oh well, I'll tell you here want I would have said there.

Just because it wasn't permanent doesn't mean it wasn't real. You may still find the "perfect" person for you, it sometimes takes us a long time to understand what that perfect person is really like. Anyway, I love you and want only the best for you. I wish I could hug you right now, even though we didn't hug much when we were together more often.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Am I wrong?

I'm actually enjoying life without a car. Howard, however, hates it. He's hitch hiking to work and back every night.

I think a car is too expensive, gas, insurance, and up keep.

He wants us to get a car, and for me to drive him to work and back everyday.

The problem is, Aidan is on an early day schedule, getting up between 6 and 8 every morning. He goes to bed about 8:30 each night. I would have to get him out of bed about 5 or 6 hours after he goes to sleep. Drive the 45 minutes or so to the Casino, and wait for Howard to be finished. Then drive home, get Aidan to bed and try to catch a couple of hours sleep before he wakes up. I'll be spending all day taking care of Aidan and catching what little sleep I can. I wouldn't have any time to work, because I would have to sleep whenever Aidan does, just to function at half normal.

Howard thinks that's fair, since I want him to go to work every day, I like having the pay check to take care of bills, and I can sleep whenever Aidan does.

I think it's crazy, and not likely to work for long.

What I want to do is wait until we can pay off the tickets that we have to pay in order to get his O.D.L. re-instated. It's only about $1486, so we should be able to take care of it relatively quickly.

Then he can get a car, and drive himself to work.

It's his choice that he works nights, he told his bosses that he wouldn't take a day schedule no matter what. It would be easier if he did, we would have so much more time together, Aidan would get to see his Dad some times, and I could drive him both ways with out any problems.

I know that walking and hitching to work and home isn't a good situation for him. I wish I could wave a magic wand and get everything taken care of. But I also need to think of myself. I promised myself that I won't let anyone walk all over me any more, not even the people I love.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Aidan is a product of the modern world.

Today Howard found an old Disney "Snow White" book that came with a record with songs from the original sound track. It was published in 1977. It looks like it's in pretty good condition, but has obviously been used. Some writing on the book for example.

Aidan saw it while we were talking about it, and wanted to have it. So we gave it to him and he took the record to the DVD player and wanted to "Watch it, Daddy, please." It was very hard to convince him that you can't play a record on a DVD player. LOL We don't have a record player at all, I might be able to find one at Goodwill or something though. We will see. We hid the book and the record as soon as Aidan was distracted enough to forget about it for a few moments. I hope he doesn't remember it until we can actually play the record, if we ever can.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The ugly blister

On Sunday night I was draining the water off potatoes I wanted to make into mashed potatoes, I have one of those pots with the lid with little holes in it so you can use it to drain things, when somehow boiling water spilled out over the index finger on my left hand. I hurt, but not all that much. I finished making dinner without any more problems. My finger was very red in the area I had scalded. Monday morning I noticed tiny little blisters in the scalded area. By Monday afternoon the tiny blisters had merged into one big blister. It has continued to get bigger a little every day. Now it takes up the whole scaled area. It's really quite an impressive blister, even if I have to say so myself. I don't think I can describe it adequately so here are a couple of pictures.

Ugly isn't it?

I've been advised to let it break on it's own, and then use a burn bandage on it until it's healed. I got 2nd Skin Moist Burn Pads.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Just stuff

I've had this horrible cough for three days, there is a tickle in my throat that starts it. Cough drops, water and other cough/cold medications don't do much to help it. I've coughed so much lately that my throat feels like it's been cut or torn. My diaphragm is sore from the extreme force that these coughing spells sometimes create. I coughed so much the other day it almost made me throw up.

Aidan's nose is still running, and he is coughing too. But I think his cough is because of all the buggers draining down his throat.

Other than that things are going along fairly well around here. Our insurance started on the first, so we can go to the Doctor when ever we need to. I've got to get the correct paperwork to get some assistance for paying the premiums, it's costing us $230 every pay check. The assistance program will pay about 90% for us. This particular program is a State of Oregon things, anyone who lives in Oregon can get this assistance, if they need it to get insurance. It's all based on your income, and family size.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Small problems.

We finally got over the flu or whatever it was. And now I have a head cold. The kind of head cold that makes you whole head feel stuffed with something thick and heavy. My ears feel itchy/tender, and my nose keeps filling up, but isn't runny.

I made an accounting mistake with the checking account and will now have to pay a late fee for the rent. I'm only $40 off, luckily payday is the 9th so I'll be able to get it to them only 4 days late. It's a $50 fee. Next time I'll get the money order for the rent first, then go shopping.

Aidan has an "ouchie" in his mouth. I can't see anything, but it keeps waking him up. I asked if it was his mouth or his teeth, and he was very sure it's his mouth. He won't take anything to help with the pain either. (sigh)

I made cornbread tonight, and somehow got the bottom burned while not quite cooking the center fully. Maybe it's the oven or the pan I used, or I did something else messed up. If you cut off the burnt part it's pretty good though.