Thursday, October 18, 2007

So, I'm 48 now.

A couple of days ago it was my 48th birthday. We rented a car, did a few things around town, got The Boy registered for Head Start, and then drove out to the Casino where Howard works for dinner. We ate in the restaurant that Howard works in, they comped our meals, which added up to be something like $70, and they got us a room! It was a nice room with a king size bed, which was good because we had The Boy with us and he takes up A LOT of room in bed. LOL We took The Boy out to Play World for an hour so we could do a little gambling. I lost $20 at the slot machines. I'm not all that excited about gambling so I was happy to leave to go get our son. We then went to the room and watched some TV and went to sleep. All in all a good day.

The night before my birthday Mark and Eileen paid for my dinner when we went out with Mom and Snowanna (and her two kids and fiance). It was nice to be with family.We went to Rocking Rogers a 50's style dinner.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Cody.

Today my brother Cody turns 45. Wow, that seems old when applied to my little brother! I don't remember much about him as a baby, I was almost 3 when he was born after all. In later years we got along pretty well. These days we don't have a lot in common, except for having kids about the same age.

Cody is a good Dad to his 5 kids. He is a hard worker, and I believe that he is a pretty good husband to his wife of ... could it be 21 years, 22 in December?!

I remember When Cody started first grade. Several of my class mates had siblings in his class, so I got to hear all the gossip about him. I heard how he was always chewing on his colors and pencils. I heard that he and eaten all the erasers on his pencils, and I heard when he got in trouble for eating paste. It seems he couldn't keep things out of his mouth. LOL

I can remember one time, while riding our bikes with the neighborhood kids (if the kids from the house across the field could be called neighborhood kids), when Cody had a spectacular crash. He and one of the other boys were riding in a figure eight, going the opposite directions, and had a head on crash. Yes their front wheels crashed into each other almost perfectly! Up they went, in a reverse version of a wheelie. And I swear they smacked their backs together before they crashed to the ground in a big tangle of bikes, arms, and legs. Except for a couple of scrapes and bruises they escaped injury.

Cody seemed to be a fairly social person, he always had friends. We didn't travel in the same circles, but then we were 3 years apart in age so that makes sense. In later years I didn't pay that much attention to Cody, he seemed perfectly happy and able to take care of things for himself. He married a wonderful woman that I'm happy to call "sister".

So, I'd like to wish my little brother Cody a very Happy Birthday, even though he doesn't read this blog.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


I've been knitting again. I got some blue self striping yarn while waiting for CLGN's birthday party, The Boy picked it out himself, to make socks out of. I got a set of double pointed needles and a steel crochet hook as well. I had this pattern for kids socks from Lion Brand Yarn, it's free to download. It was easy to follow the pattern, and I liked the way the stripes turned out.

Here is the bottom/sole of the socks.

A view of his feet from the top.

I had quite a bit of yarn left over from the little Jumpers/dresses I made for SLGN and MSLG, so I started some socks for myself. The Boy decided he wanted some made out of the "Orange striped yarn" as well, so I put mine aside (they are more complicated to make than his are) and made him a pair. This yarn is just a little bit smaller/thinner than the blue was so the socks are just a little bit smaller. Enough that they slip off his heel when he wears them around the house. He loves them though so I guess they are good enough.
Just the socks.

The boy and his new socks, well the sole of one sock anyway. the grey stripe should be on the heel not below it. (sigh)

I'll take a picture of my socks when I get them done and show them to you as well. I don't have any pictures of them right now, not progress pictures or anything. Hmmm I guess I'd better get the camera out and take a few pictures. :)