Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Aidan stuff.

One of the few persistent mispronunciation that Aidan has, involves my Mom's little dog, Pepper. For some reason he can't get the p's in the middle right. He calls him "Pecker Dog". Howard finds this funny, and I have to admit that sometimes when he says it, it makes me smile. Usually with a little practice Aidan gradually gets the pronunciations right. But with Pepper's name he hasn't changed it at all from day one.

Right now he is playing in the living room, I can see him through the door. He has some blocks, a long green one and a square yellow one. The yellow one looks like it is supposed to be part of a roof or something, it's not flat like the green one, it has a smaller square top. Aidan put the green one on the yellow one and tipped it back and forth, saying "Look a see-saw." He's right it does look like a see-saw.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Speech update.

Aidan is talking more everyday. He is starting to make whole sentences, with 4 or more words. He pronounces most things pretty well. But he is still way behind other kids his age. I'm sure he will catch up sooner or later. He gets frustrated, and starts to yell when he isn't understood, or when he doesn't quite know how to say what he wants. Getting him to calm down and use his words for what he wants or to show us what he wants can be quite a chore. But we have to do it, if we want him to talk more and yell less.

He loves his Thomas the Train stuff, so some of his advancements have been made concerning them. He has a wonderful memory which helps a lot. I'm waiting to get an evaluation until we have a place of our own, it seems like most of the speech therapy is done in the home, and since we are staying in the RV until Mom can sell it, and then will live in a camping trailer when she gets it, I'm a bit hesitant to have anyone like that over. I don't know, maybe I'm just being paranoid. I don't want them to get any ideas about taking Aidan away. Not that I've ever had anyone even suggest such a thing, I just worry about it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Moving, the photos.

Here are a few pictures of our trip home.

This is what the living room looked like during the packing process, I couldn't pack everything up, because we were still living there and needed to keep things out.

This is the stack of boxes that we took out first, they are full of the things we didn't need for existance.

The blowen out tire.

Aidan flirting with a couple of sisters at a rest stop.

Same rest stop, different girl. (I think my youngest son is going to be a ladies man. LOL)

The train at Klamath Falls. It's an old retired steam engine. Aidan thinks trains are pretty great right now. He still loves trucks and cars, and has decided that dinosaurs and dragons are cool too, but his favorite things are trains.

Our first clear view of Mount Hood. We were on I-84 leaving The Dalles.

Aidan waiting for Grandaddy at the McDonalds in Hood River. He was ready for the trip to be over. :)

I'll post some more pictures I've taken since we got here later.