Monday, November 20, 2006

Change of plans

Well, we still haven't heard from the people out in West Salem, so we are going to forget about that place and move in with a friend. We will only have to pay about $225 for 1 bedroom, and the whole place is bigger anyway. The only problem is that it's upstairs, but that's going to be okay. We will be sharing the place with Snowanna's ex-boyfriend David. We all get along well, he needs some help in order to stay on his feet, it works out to be a lot less in rent and other costs, and maybe when we need more space (or he wants to be on his own) we will be able to keep the apartment ourselves. It's in South Salem, but not nearly as far South as Snowanna is now. Fairly nice neighborhood, friendly neighbors and did I mention will only cost $225 or so! We will be moving in either tonight or tomorrow. It's kind of funny that he called Snowanna and they talked about this today, because I was thinking the same thing when we drove by there a couple of hours ago. I wasn't feeling very positive about the West Salem place, and was wondering if David would like some room mates. Strange, hmm?

So now I'll be able to get Aidan into a pre-school and daycare, I'll start looking for temp. work, and I can stop stressing over finding a place to live. Plus I get to save about $300 over what I'd pay for a 2 bedroom almost anywhere in Salem. The place we are moving into is $450 which is a little low for the area, but I like it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed.

I think we found a place, it's only one bedroom but will only cost $385 a month, saving us $200 a month. We will be able to stay there for a couple of years anyway. Then Aidan will need his own space. But until then we will be able to get some things we need, and some of the things we want. Christmas/Solstice will be nice, we will be able to decorate and get a few gifts for family. Still nothing big, because we will be paying off the computer and other bills. I hope that by Aidan's birthday we will be doing well enough to have a good birthday for him. This year he will understand it better than he did last year. The place isn't in a "good" area of West Salem, we are hoping that we will be able to move in a couple of years to a better neighborhood. We already know several of the people who live in the complex. Carol and her husband Thomas live there, and the man who will be the upstairs neighbor already introduced himself and is very friendly. Howard knows 3 or 4 others who live there. There are 12 apartments in the complex, so it's pretty small. I'll post pictures after we move in and get some furniture.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm still alive and well.

This will be just a short entry, to let any of you who still check in here know that I'm still around. We are still looking for a place to live. The double wide on 5 acres fell through, and so far we haven't been able to get an apartment. It looks like I will have a car tomorrow, or at least be well on the way to having it. It belongs to Snowanna's boyfriend, and we can have it for the price of the title transfer, tags, and an oil change. :) Anyway, I am hoping that we will have an apartment soon, I'm starting to look seriously at the "Bad" parts of town.

Take care.