Friday, June 12, 2009

The last day of Kindergarten.

Today was The Boy's last day of Kindergarten. I had thought of dressing him in the same outfit as he wore on the first day of Kindergarten, but the bright yellow shirt is a little stained. Messed Up Daddy took these pictures after school today.

Hiding behind his certificate.
With Mom, showing off the certificate.

It used to be a "Black Butterfly".
I'm glad it's over. I've missed him since he's been in school. He seems fine so far about not going to school next week, and for the whole summer. However, I'm not sure that will last very long, since I can still use not going to school as a threat to get him to behave the way I want.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The wedding, a story in pictures.

My favorite before the wedding picture.
The Bride and her Grandmother.
They had just finished doing the Brides hair.

The Bride and her Father.
The Bride and Groom's first kiss as a married couple.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs.

The wedding party at dinner.

The Bride hugging her Father. During their dance.

The first dance as a married couple.

Preparing to cut the cake.

Grandpa taking a walk with the Daughter of the Bride.

Walking with Grandpa, with Mom's wedding bouquet.


(There are many more pictures, of the Bride and Groom, Their children, Family and Friends. Pictures of the dancing, and kids playing. I'll post some of them later.)