Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our busy day. (Very full of kid stuff)

Yesterday we went shopping. It was Howard's day off, so we took both kids and went to Target. Sweet Little Girl (from now on known as SLG) went to sleep on the bus and slept for over an hour. She woke up in time for lunch. We had to return a malfunctioning toy of The Boy's, and decided to get cash instead of a replacement. The Boy decided to buy SLG a toy to hang from her baby carrier/car seat handle so she would have something to do. We had some lunch and then went to The Learning Palace. The Boy played with the train set they have out, and SLG watched a little boy named Andrew as he played with the trains. He's about 16 months old, and quite tall. She really liked him, to the point she got frustrated with her hanging toy and pushed it to the side really hard. It was so cute, she smiled and talked to him. I don't know if it her first flirtation or not, but it was fun to watch.

We then went to a shoe store to get me a pair of Airwalks one size bigger than the ones I got last month. I need the bigger ones when my feet swell or when they hurt too much for the others. It's not really that big of a problem, but those shoes are the only thing that eases the pain from Sciatica when that hits, so I want to be able to wear them no matter what the condition of my feet. I talked Howard into getting some as well. He's not sure of them yet, but they will work for just walking around here or going out to check the mail on his days off. We found a pair for The Boy, he likes them because he can put them on by himself without ANY adult help. We may have gotten his a bit small though, they fit fine right now, but one size bigger would have been nice. (They didn't have any in the next size) Howard wanted to get SLG a pair of pink ones, but they don't have any small enough for her. The store had a buy one get one for half price sale going on so it wasn't too bad.

We wandered around and looked at things in the Mall for awhile and then stopped by the food court to grab a snack. SLG ate a few crackers and maybe 2 ounces of formula, but wanted to watch people more. The Boy ate one and a half orders of chicken nuggets and drank some milk. Then we went to the Pet Store. The puppies were playing and oh so cute! Both kids got a kick out of that! Then it was time for SLG to go home. We were all so tired that we ordered pizza for dinner. The Boy put himself to bed at about 7:15 PM, and I went to bed at about 8:30.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Medical update, Me.

I had a Doctors appointment on Tuesday. It was a yearly check-up kind of appointment, where tests/procedures were done that most women don't like to talk about. So anyway, things are looking good so far. I have to go get some blood tests, and a mammogram. I've lost about 15 pounds since the last Doctors appointment in California! Now I gotta keep it up and see if I can get down to the weight I think is best for me. Which means I still need to loose about 140 pounds. I also had to have a tetanus shot, my right upper arm is still feeling sore, but at least it's done.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Permission given.

Our Sweet Little Girls Mom sent me a text message allowing me to post pictures. I had to wait until her Dad picked her up, and I had things to deal with concerning The Boy, but I'm here now so here goes.

My favorite by far. It was hard to get her to sit still, and harder still to get her to stand so I could get a good shot. But this one turned out pretty good.

This is the best of her standing up. You can see how baggy the tights are. She really looks cute in the dress, when she learns to walk it will be easier for her.

Here is one with her crawling, as you can see the skirt gets under her knees and that causes a slight problem. She's pretty smart and works around it, but she'll be walking soon so I guess it won't matter. I just hope it will still fit her and the weather won't be too hot for it.

Our Sweet Little Girls Jumper

I won't post pictures of her wearing the dress, although I did take several. I haven't asked her Mom if it's okay yet so you will just have to imagine a cute little girl wearing this little jumper.

This is the front. You can see where the stripe took a change of direction down near the bottom of the skirt. The color band/stripe seems wider to me than the other one was, I'm not sure why it's so different.

This is the back. Little Girl was trying to grab the dress and though it on the ground. LOL

Here is a close up of the lace design at the hem of the skirt. I think it would show up better if the dress was a solid color, maybe with a contrasting skirt/petticoat/slip underneath it to help the lace show up better.

So now it's done. I have enough yarn left for at least on pair of socks for me, and maybe on pair for someone smaller as well. Like Aidan, whose Daddy wouldn't like it at all but who knows maybe I'll make them anyway. I just need to get size 3 double pointed needles, the pattern I have right now calls for a set of 5, but I'm still looking for other patterns to try as well. I'll probably post pictures when I get them finished. If I actually get them finished.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mac and cheese and knit project.

Today I made home made Mac and Cheese. I found the recipe in my "Good Housekeeping Cookbook". It tuned out really well. I think I'll skip the bread crumb topping. I didn't have the dry mustard so I left it out. I also don't have a casserole dish so I put it in my spring form pan, it may have been spread a bit thin, but I think it worked well anyway. Aidan seems to like it, and I know I do.

I'm working on the second little jumper. This one is for My Sweet Little Girl. The stripe problem hasn't appeared this time, but it did have something strange happen. It was making a spiral stripe like the first one only it was going the other way around, but then it shifted and is now going the other way. This leaves a fairly large area of either the color stripes or the grey and white. I'll see how it looks once I get to the top of the skirt. Otherwise this one is working up quicker and easier. I think it is going to look better over all as well, because I have more experience with the pattern. Not that I think the one I did of Snowanna's baby is ugly or anything. Anyway I'll take pictures when I get to the top of the skirt and let you all see how it worked out.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Baby shower, and pictures of the jumper.

So anyway, I got the jumper finished Friday afternoon. Then I washed it and blocked it on a towel to dry, so the hem wouldn't be so curled. I think it turned out pretty well, the color band runs around the dress in a spiral from the bottom to the waist band. I got a couple of little onesies and some tights to go with it.

Here's the best picture I have of it.

The shower was really nice, we all had a nice time. This little girl is going to be spoiled though. LOL Not really, she just has so many people who love her.

Here is one of Snowanna standing in profile.