Monday, March 29, 2010

The first day of the last week.

I forgot to weigh myself on Saturday, the last day of the third week like I planned to do. I finally got around to doing it today. I weighed myself after my workout and after I had a sandwich for lunch. I now weigh 322, which is 2 pounds more than I weighed last week. It's kind of discouraging, I know I don't eat as well as I should, but I AM eating less and I'm eating better than I used to even a month ago. I know it takes time to loose the weight, I just didn't expect to keep gaining. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stop exercising or working on what I eat and how I prepare it. It would be nice to have a number that shows that I'm actually doing something that makes a difference. I tell myself that I'm building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, so maybe I've actually lost a few pounds of fat and the gain is muscle. I REALLY hope I'm right.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


We finally got an appointment for The Boy up in Portland at Dornbecker Children's hospital for an evaluation. I'm not sure what all will be done, but we will be there for about 6 hours, and he will see different specialists. My Mom is coming down to take us up there, which works out since she was able to get an appointment for some tests she needs. Hers are at the same hospital one floor up and near the end of the time we expect to spend with The Boy's appointments.

My concerns are:

  • He drools nearly all the time. He says that he isn't aware of it when it's happening.
  • He's still behind other kids in the way he communicates, to me it seems like he's 6 months to a year behind. The kinds of things he talks about, what he is interested in, and the way he behaves with other kids is part of this.
  • He runs awkwardly, can't really catch a ball, and doesn't really draw or color well.
  • Sometimes, when he is stressed or tired his head shakes and he blinks his eyes more than usual.
  • He over reacts, emotionally, to some things, and under reacts to others. Mostly over reacts.
  • He is unaware of basic social cues, he doesn't understand about personal space, even though we have been talking to him about it for years.
  • He has a very big imagination, and sometimes it seems that he forgets that he isn't Lava Girl or someone from some other movie or TV show. (Usually girls.) He doesn't understand why people might feel uncomfortable with that when dealing with him.

So, we are hoping that they can help us figure out what is happening, and if there is a medical reason for any of it. We need to know so we can help him work with whatever is happening so he can do as well as possible in school and in his social life. He's a good kid, he is fun to be with, he's usually well behaved, and he's learning to read in leaps and bounds.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Half way through. Day 14 of 30.

Today was the half way point, according to the program, in my 30 day challenge. I guess that's because day 30 will be a rest day and tomorrow is a rest day. Anyway, it was a good work out. I'm starting to enjoy it most of the time. Except for squats and some lunges, and that's because my knees hurt when I do them. Actually it's not my knees exactly, because it's not the joint, it's just above my knees. I'm hoping that will stop as I get in better shape.

I weighed myself this morning, after my workout. I've gained back the 4 pounds I lost last week. I don't know why.

I started a food journal to keep track of what I'm eating, and since I'll probably be the only one to see it, I have been very honest about what I eat. The next step will be to actually measure it out. I've done pretty well keeping the sweets to a minimum without feeling deprived, and not having too much fatty food. I'm only eating when I'm hungry, not just when it's expected. For example, yesterday I didn't eat dinner with the kids because I was still full from snack. I ate my dinner a couple of hours later. I do need to increase our vegetable intake, neither of the kids like veggies except for corn so that might make it harder but I'll just have to try.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 10/30.

I really didn't feel like working out today. My stomach felt ... heavy is the best way I can describe it. I'm tired, I feel like I should sleep another couple of hours. I pushed through thanks mainly to Howard's support. I had a long run near the end, and felt like I was going to throw up once I finished it. After resting, taking a shower and eating some lunch I feel much better now. It might have been because I was hungry even though I didn't think I was, but if I eat before I work out I feel uncomfortable, over stuffed and it causes my breathing to be restricted during some exercises. Maybe I drank too much water at the wrong time. All I know for sure is that I really hope I don't ever feel that way ever again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I just finished the first week of the second 30 day challenge. I weighted myself and I'm 4 pounds lighter than I was when I got the scale. I've noticed one little change, when I sit in chairs with arms on them I don't ooze through the spaces any more. I just barely fit, but I can sit down without squeezing myself in and I can stand up without prying myself out or lifting my chair up on my hips and thighs like I used to do! Progress is encouraging.

I think I'll either get books or the second EA Active workout, as a reward for finishing my second 30 day challenge. I'll have to decide which I want more when the time comes. I need a lighter cooking cook book, and I've been reading the Percy Jackson books, I have 1, 2, and 4 I need to get 3 and 5 some day soon. Oh heck, maybe I'll get the books AND the exercise game at the same time. :)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I got a bathroom scale the other day. I won't tell you how much I weigh, but it's quite a bit more than I thought it would be. It's more than the last time I remember having it taken at the Doctor's office. So I need to adjust the amount of weight I need to loose, by about 30 pounds.

What this means to me is that I was quite a bit heavier than I thought when I started to eat less fried foods and reduce the sugar I eat. I can now wear cloths I couldn't get into a before we moved here, so that's 3 years. I still believe I've lost about 20 pounds since I started to reduce the serving sizes back then. I should be loosing even more because of exercising regularly. I guess I might have gained a little because of muscle weighs more than fat. I know that I've gained some muscle in my legs and arms mostly. Howard says that my bottom is less jiggly and more muscular, so that would make a difference.

I started another 30 day challenge on the seventh. I decided that I needed to do it on easy again, because it still gets my heart beating fast and hard, and sometimes breathing gets kind of labored. It IS easier now than it was the first few days of the last one, so it's working. I'm in better shape now, I feel better too. I have a long way to go, even longer than I thought, but I'm determined to get it done.