Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Madsen Cargo bikes.

I love this bike. I want one, and have for a couple of years. They are having a new link contest, all you have to do is post one of their banner links on your blog or Twitter, and you are entered to win one of their bikes. You will notice the new banner over there to the right, if you click on it you can go look at their bikes and enter to win one yourself. Good Luck!

Finished Aprons, new photos of the Autumn apron.

My favorite picture. I guess I got the pockets crooked and it doesn't hang quite straight at the hem point.

The little girl I babysit wearing the blueberry apron I made for The Boy. She wanted to be in the pictures with me.

Messed Up Daddies favorite picture. Notice how long my hair is getting.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Finished Aprons

I got the Christmas themed apron finished the other day. And made the adjustments needed on the Ivy apron. Here are some photos of the three aprons I'm made so far. The first is the autumn themed one I made last year. This picture is not a good one, I really didn't feel like having my picture taken, but ... anyway.

I was cooking and not really in the mood to have my picture taken. I think I've lost some weight since then, but maybe not much.

This is the apron I made from the kitchen curtain fabric. I like it quite a bit.

Messed Up Daddy likes to take pictures at odd angles.

The Boy made me smile. I like this pattern quite a bit too. I'll probably make more of them eventually depending on the fabric I can find to use.

A bit closer on the Ivy apron. I like the lace and ivy ruffle. I didn't iron it before I put it on so you can see a fold in it. I'd also worn it a couple of times to wash dishes and cook dinner so it's a tad dirty.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Marmalade batch two.

I made the second batch of marmalade the other day. Well, I guess it's really orange jam since it doesn't have the peel in it. The flavor is nice, it doesn't have that bitter after taste that marmalade usually has. Te recipe I used called it marmalade so I guess I will too. The recipe says it will take a couple of week to set, so I'm not so worried about it this time around.

Here are some pictures.

Notice the lighter color.

The 9 jars I was barely able to fit into the canner.

Close up of a Better Homes and Gardens jar.

See the difference in color between the batches.

All the "Marmalade" together.