Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Adagio Tea

This place has some really great teas. I like their paper filters which are kind of like tea bags but allow you to fill them with the tea you like best. Howard can take them to work and make a cup of tea without any mess. I would like to have this for here at home. I don't drink a lot of tea, but I might if it were easier. Howard like Herbal teas, I think I'd go for Green or Black myself. Anyway, if you get the chance check them out. Try their teas. I think you'll like it.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I've been thinking a lot about family lately. I know that I am lucky to have a relatively close relationship with my family. I don't have a lot in common with my brother Cody, except that we both have young children. But we seem to get along pretty well for the most part. Mark and I are great friends. We think alike on several issues, but can debate without anger on those issues we differ on. My Mom is one of my best friends, and I love my Dad very much. I never had a sister though. I think I would have liked to have one.

Some Native American groups have interesting family relationships. Along with the blood relatives there are also family by choice. They call them, as close as possible a translation into English as we can, Sister/Brother/Mother/Father/Uncle/Aunt Friends. You treat these people the same way you would blood family. They have the same rights and responsibilities.

I've thought about finding a Sister Friend to help fill that place in my life. I know of two young ladies that I already feel very close to. In fact one of them might already fit that description, at least she used to. We used to go to the SCA together, and our background story was that we were sisters. We even told people at school that we were sisters. We were often told that there was a family resemblance between us. LOL I'm 45 and she is 30 so it's possible. Especially since my Mom had me when she was only 16, so she would have been only 31 when my sister was born.

The other woman I'd like as a Sister Friend also turned 30 recently. Like me she is the oldest, but she has sisters as well as brothers. She is strong and supportive, and a very loving woman. If I could design a perfect sister for me, I would want her to be as close as possible to my friend. One of the best things about these two women, is the fact that they are best friends.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

California living.

This morning, when I took Howard to work, at 8:50 AM, the Walgreens sign, you know the kind that shows the time, the temp. and whatever specials are going on now, read 84 degrees! At 8:50! It's supposed to be around 104 or so later today. I don't do well in the heat, the cold hurts, but I can put on more cloths and it's fairly easy to warm up, but cooling off is not so easy. There are only so much you can do. We are told to conserve energy, or we might experience rolling brown outs. Have I mentioned that I don't want to live in California any more?

In other news, Allen is going to be on the West Coast next month! Xander and Belinda are going to be with him! I'm so excited! I can hardly wait. I'm not sure what we will do when they are here at my place, I'm not sure where we will put them. But we will work it all out. I just hope that they will have a good time and will enjoy their visit as much as I expect I will.

I'm still going through and sorting stuff here in the living room, after I'm done in here, I'll go through the boxes in Aidan's closet, maybe he will actually have space in there for his stuff someday! I really want out of this house, and out of this State, but in the mean time I have to make do with what I have.

I pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book months ago, I just got an e-mail saying that it's going to be delayed until the 20th. I was supposed to get it the 16th, so I could get it without all the hassle in the store. Now it looks like I should have just waited and gone through the lines anyway. I did save a few dollars with the pre-order, so maybe it's worth it after all. (sigh) Oh well, it's too late to do anything about it now. Next time I'll think about it a little bit more.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The room after a couple of days.

This is the way Aidan seems to like his room! Almost all his toys are on the floor.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Aidan's room

Here are a few pictures of Aidan's room when all the toys are put away. The closet is full of boxes, and other stuff.

This is his bed. The sheets are purple for the top sheet and the bottom sheet is black. The comforter has a fireman theme. There is a box under the toys, somewhere. It used to be one of those red recycle boxes. We can't recycle curbside here so we use it for toys.

At the head of his bed he has this big Mickey Mouse. These are his favorite trucks he likes to sleep with them. His little plastic wagon is under the dump truck. I didn't use a flash, so the pictures are all slightly yellow even with the fixes my picture program has. I have a couple of pictures of what his room looks like afterwards. Maybe I'll post them later. I'm using the new option for uploading pictures, I'll have to get used to it to figure out placement. But I think I like it, because I can do more than one at a time.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Toes, nose and throat.

My toes are doing much better. I still think the middle one is broken, but it's healing. It itches like crazy. I caught some kind of sinus/head cold/sickness from Howard. The pressure and the head ache it caused was awful, the post nasal drip down the back of my throat caused it to feel like I'd swallowed a hand full of razor blades. Thank goodness that only lasted 4 days! I'm almost back to normal now. Unfortunately I have to catch up on a weeks worth of dirty dishes. Howard is a wonderful man who took over child care and dinners while I was feeling sick. But he hates washing dishes even more than I do. So they stacked up. Hopefully I'll be able to stand at the sink long enough to do a drainer full a couple times a day until they get caught up. Then I can get back into the purging of things we really don't need. I'm a real pack rat, I'd like to end that habit.

Maybe I'll post some pictures of Aidan's room, when it was actually cleaned up. I haven't done any painting or other decorating in there yet, it's just his bed and his toys. But that's enough. LOL He has several large stuffed toys, lots of Large blocks, small stuffed toys, and cars and trucks in all sizes.