Thursday, February 02, 2006

Still waiting, yuck!

Well, we didn't see them yesterday. We will have to pay the rent on the space when we get paid tomorrow. So they have until tonight and then they will have to wait until the end of the month to get the house, if they still want it. So the search of a truck and trailer is on. Jimmy thinks he can build one for us, and maybe we can get a truck. He also has a King Cab, I think, truck that needs a little work, but he could take us up to Hood River, towing a trailer, in it. Not what I'd want, because I'd like to have transportation once we are up there, but if that is what we have to do then that is what we will do.

I'm slowly progressing with packing up those thing we don't NEED for everyday life. I am also deciding to get rid of almost half of the things I have. Some things will go in the dumpster, some will go to whoever wants them, some we might be able to sell. Of course we will have to speed things up if they come over with the money tonight. (We might have missed them yesterday, because we went around to get my Wheel of the Year photos, so we were gone for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. Then from 6 to about 8:30 we were at Denny's for dinner with Jimmy, his wife, sister and mother.)

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