Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Cody.

Today my brother Cody turns 45. Wow, that seems old when applied to my little brother! I don't remember much about him as a baby, I was almost 3 when he was born after all. In later years we got along pretty well. These days we don't have a lot in common, except for having kids about the same age.

Cody is a good Dad to his 5 kids. He is a hard worker, and I believe that he is a pretty good husband to his wife of ... could it be 21 years, 22 in December?!

I remember When Cody started first grade. Several of my class mates had siblings in his class, so I got to hear all the gossip about him. I heard how he was always chewing on his colors and pencils. I heard that he and eaten all the erasers on his pencils, and I heard when he got in trouble for eating paste. It seems he couldn't keep things out of his mouth. LOL

I can remember one time, while riding our bikes with the neighborhood kids (if the kids from the house across the field could be called neighborhood kids), when Cody had a spectacular crash. He and one of the other boys were riding in a figure eight, going the opposite directions, and had a head on crash. Yes their front wheels crashed into each other almost perfectly! Up they went, in a reverse version of a wheelie. And I swear they smacked their backs together before they crashed to the ground in a big tangle of bikes, arms, and legs. Except for a couple of scrapes and bruises they escaped injury.

Cody seemed to be a fairly social person, he always had friends. We didn't travel in the same circles, but then we were 3 years apart in age so that makes sense. In later years I didn't pay that much attention to Cody, he seemed perfectly happy and able to take care of things for himself. He married a wonderful woman that I'm happy to call "sister".

So, I'd like to wish my little brother Cody a very Happy Birthday, even though he doesn't read this blog.

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