Sunday, December 09, 2007

Updates, or what's been going on around here lately.

I was gently reminded that I haven't had a new informative post in a while. (Thanks little brother) I've had a bit of a cold, it's the kind of cold that makes me feel sluggish. The kind that makes even getting out of bed seem like running a marathon. Other than that, we are doing pretty well.

Aidan really likes going to school. He is doing pretty well, but is having some issues with transitions and controlling himself. The few days I've been at school with him I've noticed that a lot of the kids have similar issues, so maybe he's just a normal 4 year old. We are working on helping him find ways to work through some of it. He also may have some sensory issues. For example he doesn't like having his hair cut, or his fingernails trimmed. He screams as if we were beating him when we try. He has the same problem with brushing his teeth, but he is getting better because he doesn't want to have his teeth pulled out.

I've been knitting hats for Aidan. Trying out some recipes, mostly using lemon because I've developed a craving for lemon flavored foods. The lemon bars turned out okay the first time, but I think I may have over cooked the lemon topping. The second time I didn't cook the cookie part long enough so it was kind of doughy, and the topping was runny. The flavor, however, was wonderful both times.

Aidan would love for it to snow. But so far we've been close but not close enough. He's making his list for Santa. It includes a V-Smile pocket and games, and Thomas the Tank Engine stuff. He also asked for a game for his Daddy, but he wasn't really clear on what kind of game. We saw Santa at the Mall the other day, and Aidan just ran right up to talk to him. Luckily there weren't any other kids in line because he might have ran right past them I got a fairly good picture of him with Santa, and plan to scan it so I can post it here for you all. Other than getting Aidan's presents I have get something for my Dad, and finish up a couple of other presents. I need to get some wrapping paper and ribbon. OH! I need tape too. I'll be done after we go shopping the 18th or 19th. I have to wait until the last moment, partly because of paying the bills and rent and such, but also because if I get things too early I tend to give them early too. LOL Making gifts has helped slow me down some, I just wish I could make more of them. Maybe next year.

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