Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I did yesterday, and what we woke up to this morning.

I spent 9 hours yesterday helping The Boy make his 100 Days poster. I cut out 100 hand prints, 50 small ones and 50 larger ones. (His and Mine) Then we glued them together in groups of 4. The I glued them to the poster board. (The Boy fell asleep before we started that part.)

100 days of school,
100 Helping Hands.

We woke up to snow in the yard, on the road and still falling! We expected school to be delayed, so that morning Kindergarten would be canceled. But it wasn't, so we waited for the bus and The Boy played.
The Snow made the Bus late.
But The Boy got to play in the snow.
These are just some extra pictures of the snow and the tree that is getting ready to bloom soon.


Hennifer said...

The hands are a great idea! E had his third round this year and every time I try to get him to do something more exciting and he isn't interested. Pennies again it was :-)

Messed up Mama said...

We were told no money, and no food. He didn't want to do leaves, rocks, pieces of crayons. Once he decided on the "helping hands" it was impossible to get him to change his mind. My thumb still has a numb space and my pinky is still sore from cutting out all those hands in one day. It took us 9 hours to trace, cut and glue all those hands. LOL I hope it was okay.