Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Wings, peanut brittle, and a scarf.

I've recently learned how to make peanut brittle, well actually it was pecan brittle. I've made one batch, I poured it too thick, so it was kind of hard to eat. I put in too much salt too, but that was okay. I'm planning to make another batch, maybe with walnuts or almonds or pecans again, this time I'll be really careful with the salt and try to make it thin enough to eat properly.

Messed Up Daddy made some Hot Wings for me over the week-end. I LOVE hot wings! They are actually very easy to make. I like the traditional recipe, with a hot sauce like Frank's or something. It needs to be spicy and taste of vinegar. But I also like some not so traditional flavors too. Tabasco has a flavor called Sweet and Spicy that works well and tastes great. I think I could eat Hot Wings nearly every day of the week.

When I get my next pay check, I'm going to go get some green and yellow yarn. I plan to make The Boy a scarf some time soon. It will be half Ducks and half Beavers, because I'm a Duck lover and Messed Up Daddy loves the Beavers. That way he can display colors of which ever team he feels strongest about that day. I'll try to post pictures when I get it finished. I might try to put OSU on one end and U of O on the other. We will see what happens.

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Hennifer said...

Yay! It is so long between updates for you young lady!

I'm not a fan of peanut brittle but I am a fan of hot wings!