Friday, November 26, 2010


I've decided to try to knit gloves. I've made mittens, but wanted to make gloves. I made a green right glove, it looks pretty good, but is a bit big around my hand. I'm making a purple on right now and if it keeps on as good as it is so far I'll make the left one to go with it. Then I'll make another pair in the green for myself. I'll work out how to make the pattern smaller because The Boy wants a pair as well. If they work up as fast as I think they will I'll even make some with out finget tips for Messed Up Daddy. I'm not using wool, that's a little expensive for me right now. But I got some nice soft yarn from Dollar Tree several months ago, I have quite a bit of it and it works well for the gloves, as far as the sizing and thickness goes. I think they will be warm too.

So here are some pictures I took today of the purple glove in progress.

One skien of yarn is for the hand part and the other is the fingers.

The hand just before the fingers are added and the thumb  with just a row or so until it's done.

The way it looks on, I had to hold the camera upside down and use my left hand to take this. LOL

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