Thursday, August 15, 2013

What if they are wrong?

I've read a couple of articles lately on a blog by a single Dad. It's called "Single Dad Laughing". These posts were about love. One of them is titled "I'm Christian unless you are gay". It is about how people who say they are Christian don't act very Christian when they are confronted by someone who is part of a group the think are wrong, sinners, or evil. It could be Gay people, it could be Homeless people, but these so called Christians respond to them with hate. Not Love. They do not do what Jesus and God have told them to do, which is to love everyone. They condemn them, they wish bad things for them, they treat them with disgust or out right hate.

So I was thinking about God, and my relationship with God. I try to love everyone, I'm not very good at it though. I find it hard to love people who discriminate against others for any reason. I need to work on that. Loving others does not mean bringing the into your home, it doesn't mean that you have to stop and hug everyone. But I'm not sure how to love someone who is dangerous to me or to my kids. People who would hurt us because I believe different than they do. Child molesters, murderers, people who seem to be nearly totally evil. So I need to work on that.

And then I thought "What if it isn't God that these hate filled people are being led by but an evil force?" I'm not sure if I believe in the "devil" or "Satan", but I do know that there is an evil force in the world. What if all the hate, disgust, discrimination, and other negative behavior is Evil leading otherwise good people into sin? I've heard some of them say that  _____ is just Satan confusing you, or leading you astray. What if they are wrong and THEY are the ones being lead astray?

I can only do what I feel is what God would want me to do. All I can do is keep trying to spread Love where ever and when ever I can. I can try to show only love to people who are showing only hate. It will be hard, I don't know if I can do it. But I can try with all my heart, and I think that will be good enough.


Caleb Michael said...

Hey, that's great that you want to spread God's love to fellow people. Let me show some love to you. Keep in mind that we Christians only believe what we believe because of what the Bible says. Therefore, if it says something is wrong, then it is certainly wrong. You seem to be bothered by the way some people respond to homosexuals. Please forgive them; they have likely grown up in a culture not commonly exposed to that kind of sin and they find it repulsive. We do need to remember that all sinners, no mater what kind of sins they commit, are still sinners and need to be shown love so they are led to repentance by our testimony. Be sure to ready your Bible lots this year; it is our only source of definite truth. God save us from our own deceitful hearts!
God bless you,

Messed up Mama said...

Thank you for stopping by Caleb. I understand that the Bible, old testament anyway, seems to say that homosexuals are sinning. However, I believe that the Bible has been changed and manipulated for the purposes of the people who commissioned the translations. The Bible that you know isn't a true an accurate translation. Even if it were, Jesus tells us to love everyone, he does not tell us to force people to believe as we do. In fact Jesus never said that homosexuality was a sin. He never mentioned it at all, as far as we can tell from the Bible. If it was something we needed to tell people not to do, don't you think he would have mentioned it?

My point in this post was, What if all People who are so afraid, upset, disgusted by or any other way disparaging of other people based on who they love, the color of their skin, or the way they worship are wrong? What if God really wants you to let people love whoever they want to? What if God doesn't really care if people are homosexual or heterosexual? What if all the verses that are used to condemn some people were actually put there by "Evil"?

My solution to that is, be the best person you can be. Do what you truly believe is right. Don't try to force anyone to live the way you think is the right way, because you might be wrong.

Thank you again for stopping by and for your comment. Come back again, comment often, I love a discussion as long as we don't fall into name calling or anger.