Saturday, September 24, 2005

Except for allergies I'm feeling much better now. Whatever it was went away almost as suddenly as it came. Thank goodness.

I'm thinking about baking some cinnamon rolls tonight or tomorrow. I've been wanting cinnamon rolls the last couple of days. Maybe I'll bake some bread too ... Maybe not. LOL It's getting easier to do things while Aidan is awake. He likes to pretend he is washing dishes while I cook. So I give him some plastic plates and cups and turn of the cold water. He will happily "wash" them for up to half an hour with out getting bored. Sometimes there is water on the floor but that's not too much of a problem considering I can do things in the kitchen and not have to worry about where he is and what he is doing.

Now that everything is finally cleaned up after my visitors this summer, I hope I can keep it up. That will keep my life more relaxed. We still haven't heard about moving, Howard is really getting tired of California. He would pack up today and go back to Oregon, if we had enough money to get a U-Haul. I'm a little more cautious. I'd like to have a plan before we do anything. I'd also like to have the adoption finished. But I don't know if that is going to happen. It could take 6 months or more, once we figure out how much money we will need. I have read that a home study isn't necessary, so that would save some money, if that is true. There are also ways to have some of the fees waived. I think it would be easier, and quicker to do it here. Aidan was born here and there are plenty of people who could testify about the situation. Oh well, I guess we will do what we have to do when we can.

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