Thursday, March 16, 2006

A few updates.

Here's an update on that weight loss study: My anonymous commenter is probably right, it is a scam. I got a call yesterday, it seems that they are not taking any more people into the study. Now they are offering a discount to actually get all the stuff. Hmm ... If I can't get $150 in order to make $1000 why do they think I'll be able to pay even a discounted price? Oh well, it would have been nice. I would like to loose a lot of weight, and the $1000 would have been great, but since anyone can qualify for the so called test, and they are already selling the product that was being studied just last week (not enough time to collect necessary data) I'd have to agree that this is a scam. (sigh)

I don't know what is happening with the move. I guess there is a 1978 Dodge truck that is supposed to be here any time now. It needs some work, but if the problem is what Jimmy thinks it is it won't cost much to fix it. There is also a trailer, kind of a boxed in truck bed with a roll up door, that we are also supposed to be getting soon. So ... I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but IF it all works out the way Jimmy says it will, it will be wonderful!

Aidan was sick a couple of days ago. It seemed like everything he had to eat or drink would come back up in just a few minutes. Twice it happened in the car, and once it happened all over me. My stomach was irritable for two days after that and then I had a day of sitting in the bathroom almost all day. Today I'm feeling pretty good, except that I'm tired. Oh and allergies, but those are normal for me around here at this time of year.

Yesterday I asked Aidan to be quiet. He has started to repeat everything anyone says. But when I told him that I didn't feel well, he came over to me, put his hand on my cheek and said "Oh, poor little Mama." It was so cute. He sounded so concerned.

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