Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Finally a bit of good news!

Well, the truck (pick-up) finally got here. They fixed a "module" for about $23. The next thing will be a complete go over to make sure everything is in good working order. It needs the timing set and some newer tires. Now we have to get a trailer. We could easily get one that is basically the bed of a pick-up, but that will be too little. There is an other one that we think is big enough, but we are not sure we can get it. Keep in mind this is all free stuff. So it is conceivable that we will be moving by the end of the week. However, I'm not going to hold my breath. Every week since the end of January we have thought we would be able to move by the end of the week. (sigh)

My list of things I'm taking with me is getting smaller all the time. I still need to get into the shed and see what is salvageable. But chances are I'll be leaving most of it here. I want to find my books, and a few other things. But I don't need most of that stuff, I've become accustomed to having it. So I'll be taking my Queen size bed (mattress, box springs, frame and headboard), Aidan's twin size bed (mattress, box springs, frame, headboard and footboard) my two dressers, the china cabinet, filing cabinet, art cabinet, a small desk, 3 small tables, a small bookcase, 2 TV's , computers, 2 lamps, microwave, various boxes of things, our cloths, Aidan's toys, and a few other small odds and ends of things.

Aidan LOVES the truck. The first night it was here he got mad when we brought him in. He wanted to sleep in it! So it has become known as "Aidan's truck". Here are a few pictures of it with Aidan playing in it today.

It's not a very pretty truck.

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