Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Moving update.

There has been an other short delay in the move. Howard stressed his back on Saturday and hasn't been able to move around much until today. He's almost back to normal today. So we are behind a little bit with building the "box" for the trailer. I had a migraine yesterday so I'm a bit behind on packing and cleaning. Oh well, things are still good for leaving this week-end. We will see how it goes from here. Even more good news, there is a man who is interested in this place. He says he will have $1000 tomorrow. That will allow me to pay $500 in bills and still have money left for the move. Keep your fingers crossed that he will actually come up with the money, we can use all the good luck we can get.

I think we will take the coast route to Oregon, because the hills are much easier and there is less chance for snow. The weather has been very wet the last few days, with lots of snow up in the mountains. They are saying that the snow level is going up though, so who knows. It will take longer going the coast route, but will be a nice drive and easier for the truck to handle, I hope.

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