Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Aidan stuff.

One of the few persistent mispronunciation that Aidan has, involves my Mom's little dog, Pepper. For some reason he can't get the p's in the middle right. He calls him "Pecker Dog". Howard finds this funny, and I have to admit that sometimes when he says it, it makes me smile. Usually with a little practice Aidan gradually gets the pronunciations right. But with Pepper's name he hasn't changed it at all from day one.

Right now he is playing in the living room, I can see him through the door. He has some blocks, a long green one and a square yellow one. The yellow one looks like it is supposed to be part of a roof or something, it's not flat like the green one, it has a smaller square top. Aidan put the green one on the yellow one and tipped it back and forth, saying "Look a see-saw." He's right it does look like a see-saw.


Hennifer said...

That was cute! When Elijah says "penis" he doesn't say his ending sounds, as normal. It usually comes out sounding more like peanut. I chuckle almost every single time.

Messed up Mama said...

Aidan still sometimes drops the s at the end of a word and adds a t. So he also says Peanut for Penis. He has, however, stopped calling a School Bus a "Cool butt" It's much closer to School bus now. LOL

Pewari Naan said...

My five year old still calls Yorkshire Puddings "Orchard Puddings" and animals "ammeeyals" - I hope he never learns the correct pronunciation :)

Of course, he also used to mispronounce "suck" with an f - we corrected him pretty sharpish on that one!!!

Messed up Mama said...

Mispronounciations can be SOOOO cute, but can also be embarrassing if it's a really bad word.