Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One last update on our housing situation.

Well, we are finally settled in. It actually only took about 5 hours on Friday. Then I had to sort and put away things. I lost my digital camera, and the pictures we had taken at Picture People before Christmas. There were probably some other things in the box that is missing, but I can't think what. Howard has been working a lot of overtime so we had enough money to get a new camera so we could take pictures of Aidan's birthday.
Aidan's party went well. Mom was with Snowanna and they were late, but it all worked out okay. He had fun, and his cake was wonderful. I'll post pictures later. Unfortunately he is sick today. He threw up twice last night, and was only able to keep some Power aide down with a saltine cracker to nibble. He seems to be getting better as the day progresses, so maybe it was something he ate.
We got our cable and Internet hooked up today. It's been nice, Aidan has been laying around watching TV or his DVD player, and I can finally get caught up on my e-mail. It's funny how dependant we can become on these things. I've felt cut off without my Internet. LOL

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