Tuesday, April 03, 2007

3 Wishes.

Now that the April Fools have finished their yearly jokes, have I mentioned that I really dislike April Fools Day?, I can be fairly sure that my posts will be taken seriously. :)

On one of the Flickr! groups I belong to someone asked: If you were given 3 wishes, but you could only use them for YOUR child, what would you wish. (World peace was ruled out as it would be a wish for ALL children.) So I'll ask you, What 3 wishes would you wish for your child? If you have more than one child you can either wish 3 things for all of them, or make 3 wishes for each individually. I'll post my three wishes for my kids, all 3 wishes will fit well for all 3 of my boys, sometime later this week. I don't want to influence any of you too much or cause you to not wish something because it's too close to what I wished.


Sharon said...

Three wishes? Mmmmm.
For my two I would wish health, happiness and the courage to follow their own dreams not anyone else's.

Messed up Mama said...

Hmm, Good wishes. I wished that they have REAL friends to depend on, the they have enough of everything they need, and that they learn how to make their own dreams come true.