Saturday, April 14, 2007


The Girl introduced me to scones several years ago when we were going to University together. I got some dried cherries the other day, and wanted to make something out of them so I made some scones. It was a quick and easy recipe from Betty Crocker. It uses Bisquick, cream, a bit of sugar, and the cherries. (The original recipe called for chocolate chips as well, but I didn't have them so I put in twice as many cherries.) They were wonderful! I'll have to try to make some from scratch someday. I have 3 or 4 recipes to try.
Here are a couple of pictures. The first was taken with the newer camera and at a bit of a distance, while the second one was taken with the older camera kneeling and close.

Did I ever mention that I had to get a new camera because the old one got lost during the move? If not, and if I forgot to mention that I found it in my knitting bag, I now have 2 cameras that take good pictures. One will also do audio which makes the little videos better. I like both of them. Howard thinks he should be allowed to have one of them, but I don't know if I'll ever actually let him have one of them. Of course I'll let him use one sometimes. :)


Anonymous said...

I haven't caught up here in so long with my life dramas and such. I do so love a good scone!

And I can't believe Snowanna is having another baby! Wow!

I miss you.

-the girl

Messed up Mama said...

I understand, I wish I could help somehow.

Yes Snowanna's baby is scheduled to be born on July 5th. She has to have a c-section. They are going to name the baby Isolde Marie, I think. (I'm not sure about the Marie part. But last I heard Isolde was the first name.) I'm pretty excited about having another girl in the family, there aren't enough of them as it is, and Cody adopted 2!

I love you!