Thursday, February 14, 2008


Our computer has a virus, Howard can't seem to make it go away with the usual methods, so we may have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything. (sigh) It sounds worse than it will be, because we have an external hard drive that is virus free so we can more the important files and programs over there. So if my posting is even more spotty than normal it's because we are still working on fixing the problem without all the drama of the hard drive wipe.

There are several February Birthday's that I meant to remember, but was too frustrated with this darn computer to actually get done. Sorry everyone.

The first, as far as I can remember and my calendar tells me, was my nephew Caleb, his birthday was the 8th. I think he turned 13, but I'm not sure.

Then Howard's niece, Atlantis. Her birthday was the 9th, I think she turned 12.

And then there was my dear friend, almost a sister ,who had her birthday on the 10th. She turned 33. (I know this one because it's on my calendar. LOL)

I wanted to wish all of my favorite February born people a Very Happy Birthday! I wish I could have spent the day with you.

Of course today is The Boy's 5th birthday. I'll probably write something for that later. He will have his party on Saturday, at noon. He wants to have a pizza party so we are having it at Garlic Jim's which is just up the street from our apartment. They are going to make him his own personal sized pizza, which they don't normally have on their menu but will do it for the Birthday Boy. He wants a pineapple pizza, so they will make it just the way he wants it. I'm going to make some cup cakes, chocolate with blue frosting and blue with chocolate frosting. I'm going to put some of them in ice cream cones for the children, The Boy likes them that way, and decorate them so they look more like an ice cream cone than a cupcake. The rest will be for the adults and to eat later, if we have any left over. They will have sprinkles on them. I don't know if I will put one candle in 5 cupcakes, or 5 in one cupcake, or get a number 5 candle for him to blow out. We will NOT be singing "Happy Birthday" however, because he doesn't like it and it makes him cry.

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