Saturday, January 26, 2008

5 Maddening, and 5 Awesome things about a 5 (almost) year old.

I read an article on "Parent Dish" where the blogger listed 5 maddening and 5 awesome things about her 2.5 year old. I decided to steal her idea and use it here. In less than 3 weeks The Boy will be 5 years old so it seems appropriate at this time to think about 5 Maddening and 5 Awesome things about him.

5 Maddening Things About a 5 (almost) Year Old.

1. He can be very single minded when he has focused on something. (For example: He will say that he wants to watch PBS Kids, no other kids programming will do, not even Sprout which has all the PBS Kids shows. He won't even accept that the shows are over until next time.)

2. He is learning aggression from other kids his age. (I know that some aggression is good, it will help him not to be a door mat. But right now it's a little extreme at times.)

3. He STILL thinks that yelling about what he wants will get it for him.

4. Except for when he goes to school, he thinks he needs to be where ever I am all the time. Not attached or even in the same room, but if I go out he thinks he needs to go with me.

5. He can pick the exactly worst moment to want attention, like when I'm on the phone, or washing dishes or in the middle of a row of knitting that can't be put down until the end.

5 Awesome Things About a 5 (almost) Year Old.

1. He has a wonderful memory for stories.

2. He is starting to learn how to read. He has several sight words and is learning more.

3. He can play by himself for hours with his trains, cars, or blocks.

4. He often remembers to say "Thank you", "You are Welcome", "May I be excused", and "Excuse me" (when he burps or farts), less often he remembers to say "Please".

5. He will still climb up in my lap for a hug and kiss, or just to snuggle for a little while.

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