Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Update post.

My Step-sister (my Dad and her Mom lived together for several years while she was little. He helped raise her and was probable more of a Dad to her than her bio-dad was) is pregnant. The baby is due November 17. Not big news but it's going to be interesting. She will be 21 November 11, but I'm not sure she is as mature as my niece who will be 21 in December. (She's the mother of 2 now and has always been more mature than my step-sister.)

I found a virtual public school a couple of days ago. It looks interesting, but it's not available in Oregon. It's an on-line school that is free, just like public school. You get all the books, and supplies delivered to the door. The kids get a computer and Internet connection too. I looked at a kindergarten science lesson (I just scanned it I'll have to check it over better later) about life in a pond. It looked like something we would like to do. I want The Boy to actually learn something, but I'm worried that in the special needs class rooms we are considering having him attend he will not get enough actually education. He's smart, but is having problems learning how to deal with other kids. Maybe I'll find something I can afford or another virtual public school that IS in Oregon, to supplement what he will learn in school. Education is very important to me, I worry that his education will suffer while everyone is focusing on his interactions.

I'm still working on getting paid for babysitting The Boy's twin. She doesn't make much money and it seems that most if not all of her money goes to her other bills. I DO understand that she has to pay rent, and get food for her child. I just need to have that money. So I called DHS, because I'd filled out forms to get paid through their program before she moved. They WILL pay me for all the past hours if she calls them and tells them that I did babysit from day X to day X. I'll get a billing form in the mail, and it will take a few days to get the check for the portion they will pay. (something like $171) She will have to pay the rest, which will be something like $114. So now I wait and see if she will do it. (I called her and let her know) I've been stiffed for babysitting before, so I'm not going to hold my breath. We can cover the bills as is, but there won't be enough extra for the things I want to do.


Hennifer said...

Honestly I don't think you need to be worried about A getting "treated" instead of educated, especially with you being as involved as you are. I know they are kind of seperate issues but they make sure that E's education around his needs are as minimally disruptive possible. Trust your instincts and keep investigating what feels right.
It does seem to me though that if socialization is the biggest concern that having him schooled at home could make it worse but then again I know I've opened the door to all kinds of thoughts about homeschooling, etc.

Love you and thinking of you!

Messed up Mama said...

That's good to know. When Allen was in the EGC he didn't get much actual education. I'm planning on giving the school a chance for a couple of years before I do anything else. I would try to find things for him to do with other kids, maybe join a homeschooling group so he could take art or Spanish or something in a group of kids or Boys and Girls club sort of stuff, when/if we do take him out of the regular public school. (I don't want to home school, even with the virtual school where there are teachers and other kids on-line, because I'm not sure that *I* could do it.)