Friday, November 07, 2008

Pumpkin stuff.

I have 4 small pumpkins, I'm planning on cooking them up and making some pumpkin butter. I want at least 4 pints of pumpkin butter from them. I'll buy some canned pumpkin to make some pumpkin bread or pumpkin butter bread, because I don't think my little pumpkins will make all that much. I'll probably try to make at least on pumpkin pie, and I want to make pumpkin pancakes too. I wish I had more pumpkins.

I haven't been knitting much this year, at least not like I was last year. I also haven't been taking very many pictures. I guess this year is my non creative year. I've been baking bread though so I'm not feeling totally deprived.


Hennifer said...

I have one pumpkin, little Z's from the pumpkin patch. Is it too late to get more? I've really been wanting to do the seeds and cook the pumpkin up for some other yummy concoction.

Messed up Mama said...

I'm not sure. Some places get rid of them after Halloween, and some will still have them for Thanksgiving. You might need to call around and see. I don't think my Safeway has any more, so I'm out of luck. I need to get to Winco or somewhere this week so I can get more food for my dollars. Bringing all that home on the bus won't be fun, but it should be worth it.