Thursday, January 01, 2009

And so the New Year starts.

Happy New Year! So far the year is starting out okay. The Boy and I are watching Loony Tunes on Cartoon Network. We had toast and hot chocolate earlier, and will probably have more after dinner. I found an instant hot cocoa mix recipe and mixed some up, it's really good and it's nice and warm when we are feeling chilled. There is some bad news however, I'm probably unemployed again. My Daycare kid's Mom has been having a hard time with her Ex. There have been problems that made her late to work and one night she didn't home from taking the kids to see him and his family until after 2AM. So she's missed work a day or two, with weather and the kids and her Ex, so they fired her. I understand why they had to do that, they need to be able to depend on someone who works for them. But until she finds another job, I will only be getting a few hours here and there while she looks for work. If it takes too long I'll have to open up those spots and find new kids.

It not all bad news though. I'll be getting a good pay check in a couple of weeks because I worked quite a few hours last month, I only get $2.20 and hour but that is per child so when I have all 5 it's actually $11 and hour. In fact I had each of the older 3 for 33 hours more than the approved amount of hours for last month. I'm going to send a letter setting out the details of what happened, with the snow days and I don't think they took into account that she worked some week-end hour, and all the week day hours were late afternoon/evening hours. (2 PM to 10 PM) So we will see if they will cover those extra hours or if she will have to.

I want Hot Chocolate, and toast. I'll have to make bread before I can have any toast. It takes about three hours to make bread. (About 30 minutes to mix and knead the dough, two one hours rises, and 30 minutes to bake.) It's worth it, we all prefer home baked bread. I need to make more apple butter, and perhaps more pumpkin butter as well. I don't know when I'll get the apples but I have plenty of frozen pumpkin.

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