Monday, January 12, 2009

My family grows a litte bigger.

My youngest brother, Mark, and his dear wife are adopting a boy from the foster care system. He came to live with them this week-end. I'm so excited! They have wanted a child for years, and now they have this wonderful little boy. He is 8, he will turn 9 in February. He's cute as can be and will fit in with the rest of us really well. He likes movies, reading, cars, boats and trains. This past month has be a crazy one for Mark and his new family. This time last month they didn't know they were going to get my new Nephew, and now he's all moved in and part of our family. There have been meetings, and tons of paper work. There will probably be more of those before it's all finalized, but it will be so very worth it.

Congratulations Mark and Eileen!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. We are very happy to have T in our lives and so glad that he will be loved by all of us nuts. He told him mom today that he wants to go see his friend... meaning the boy.
You guys have made quite an impression on him... you are family.

Hennifer said...

Congrats Mark and Eileen! Welcome to the familiy little boy!