Monday, September 13, 2010


I finally got the Christmas apron finished. I bought the fabric for it about a year ago, so I was feeling frustrated with myself. I'll have to get some pictures of it one of these days. (This will be kind of hard since I don't like having my picture taken and Messed Up Daddy won't model it for me. LOL)

I also tried to make another apron from some fabric I salvaged from kitchen curtains that I knew I'd never use. It is a green and white stripe fabric with a trim that has ivy printed on it. The curtains were pretty but they were cafe style and I prefer plain old straight curtains, even in the kitchen. So I used one panel from the lower part of the curtains, it had the ivy trim with some eyelet lace about half way down. I separated the top section, which had been sewn on to make a curtain rod casing, that let me have almost double the length for the apron skirt. I used the casing for a waist band, I also took apart another panel so I had a long enough waist band to have ties as well. I didn't get the skirt gathered quite right, I thought I needed it to be wider than I actually needed. So I'll re-do it eventually.

I had a lot of congestion and pressure in my head all week end, so that's all the sewing I got done. Maybe next week end I'll get the green one redone and make another. I still need to get the towels for the apron I want to make that is like the one I have that's my favorite one for washing dishes in since it keeps more of the water away from my cloths..

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