Thursday, September 02, 2010

What I did during my Summer Vacation.

I had a very nice time during my vacation. It started on the 21st of August, my Mom with my Son and Grandson came down to pick The Boy and me up to take us up to her house. We went to visit my niece and her family, my brother/her Dad and his son came over too. We had such a great time visiting that we ended up staying in town for another night. Messed Up Daddy was surprised to find us at home when he got in from work. Sunday, the 22nd, Mom came and we were able to get out of here with little trouble.

It was kind of a surprise when, a couple of hours after we got to Mom's, a couple of friends of mine showed up with their girls. The little girls, there were 3 of them, picked black berries, played in the dirt, built interesting structures with pieces of branches and sticks they found in the yard, and had great conversations with the boys. The older girls helped pick berries, visited with Mom, Son #2 and me. (My Dad wasn't home for most of their visit)

We had hamburgers and chips. The Vegetarian Boy had a vegi-burger and chips. The Older Girls made a very tasty black berry crisp/cobbler/crumble that we ate with old fashioned vanilla ice cream. My Mom loved that they didn't seem to mind pitching in and just doing things. She would like for them to come back for a visit some time.

They left a little later than they had planned, hoping that the girls would fall asleep on the way home, but I got a text that they were awake the whole way home.

The rest of the week wasn't as full as I'd planned, the garden is running late and isn't putting out as much as it usually does so there wasn't much to can while I was there. We did get some peaches and blueberries. Canned the peaches and froze the blueberries. I brought peaches home with me that I tried to make jam out of and got syrup instead, and then I froze the rest because I ran out of lids. I plan to get lids soon so I can try to get the peach syrup to jell, and I'll see how it works out to make jam from frozen fruit.

We sorted through some of Mom's craft stuff, I brought home quite a bit of yarn, and two pieces of fabric I plan to make aprons with. We went through some of my Grandmother's things and other stuff my Mom had in storage. I brought home some vintage table cloths, and a few other things.

I came home on Sunday, the 29th. My last day off was September 1st. My vacation ended with a Pampered Chef party at my Niece's house.

For the most part, The Boy and I just spent time with Grandson, Son #2 and my Parents. It was a very nice, calm, fun vacation, even if it wasn't very productive.


Dempsey Sanders said...

sounds like a very decent summer, wish mine was as eventful

Messed up Mama said...

Thanks Dempsey. It was a great time. Thanks for stopping by.