Thursday, March 03, 2011

I've been thinking.

I've been thinking about my weight problems. I am easily distracted from working out or any other kind of exorcise, that's one problem. I like doing it when I do, but ... it's easy to find something else I "should" do instead.

My biggest problem however, is my relationship with food. I really like food, the taste, the texture, the action of eating. This makes it easy for me to over eat, it's the "just one more bite" syndrome. I also get obsessed with some foods, it's more than a craving, it's much harder to ignore one when it hits. It's not just one food either and I never know which food it will be or when it will happen. I'll eat a whole chocolate cake because I can't stop myself, or recently it was Honey Barbecue Chicken Bites. I got them by accident a couple of weeks ago and ended up eating the first bag in one day. We had some the other night, The Boy didn't eat all of his, I sat here thinking of his leftover bites trying not to go get them. But I couldn't stop thinking of them, just sitting there in the fridge waiting for someone to come and eat them. Finally I couldn't stand it any more and went in there and took them out, warmed them up and ate them. Even though I wasn't hungry, in fact I was still full from my own dinner. I have to get control over this, I have to stop eating when I'm not hungry, and I have to stop spending so much time thinking about food.

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