Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Talking to people about science and religion.

I need to figure out how to explain to someone who claims that evolution is just a theory, and not a fact, that the use of theory in science is different than they use of theory in common language. Should I ask if they believe in gravity? Because it's still The Gravitational Theory, not The Gravitational Fact. But ... I don't know if that would really tell them anything, of it would make them angry. Some of these people are people I love and care about, so I don't want to make them angry with me. Besides I agree with them about creationism, at least in part. Because like I said yesterday God created our soul in his image, out bodies evolved, with divine assistance or without but that doesn't negate the fact that evolution exists and you can watch it happen among creatures with a shorter life span than ours.

Some of these people said something different last year, than they do today. Especially where it involves either evolution or gay marriage. Last year both were okay, gay marriage wasn't for them but it didn't matter if anyone else did it. Now both are wrong. Evolution, I already discussed in the previous paragraph. Gay marriage is now wrong because they think that God says that being gay is wrong. This is too bad, because God loves all of us the same. Straight as well as homosexual. The Bible says that being gay is wrong, but it was written by men, and edited by men, and translated by men, some of those men had an agenda in what they were doing. If God made us all, and God is perfect, and God can not make mistakes, then God made homosexuals just as he made everyone else, and since he is perfect he intended them to be homosexual. Who are we to second guess God?

 I also have a problem with people who think that they can do God's job. By that I mean that they think that they can judge other humans and decide which will go to heaven and which will not.

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