Monday, January 24, 2005

A Monday Positive and a Monday Negative.

I went to the Doctor this morning. All the blood work came out really good. She said that except for my weight I'm very healthy. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels are VERY good according to her. She said that she isn't worried about the Celebrex, because there hasn't been enough research and the main genetic factors I need to worry about have to do with clots and cholesterol and Celebrex actually thins the blood a little. As for the dizziness, she just wants me to keep track and see if it's related to a cold or sinus problem or perhaps the ... I don't remember how to spell it, meniers disease or something like that. There isn't much that can be done about it anyway. She and the Health Educator, Katherine, are ok with my progress even though I haven't lost any weight in the last month, I also didn't gain any weight either.

Last night Aidan decided to get Howard's cup out of the microwave. I was on the phone, and Howard had to run to the bathroom, when the microwave beeped. A few seconds later I heard Aidan yelling. He had climbed up onto the ice chest that is in front of the table the microwave is on and taken the cup of hot water out. In the process of climbing down with it he spilled it on his right arm at the elbow. He had a slight scald, it was red for a few minutes. There are still some patches that are pinkish and one area that looks like if might blister, but he doesn't seem to be in pain. He keeps doing everything that he always does. The only time it seemed to hurt was when I grabbed his arm to keep him from falling. I am so glad that he is ok. It was scary.

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