Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Template

So what do you think of my new layout? Any suggestions? Do you love it or hate it? Just don't care? LOL

I'm trying out the newest version of Blogger. So far it is easier to use than the older version, I think it will be better especially for people new to this kind of stuff.

Not much is happening here. Trying to get things taken care of so that I can move down to Grand Ronde as soon as possible. We still don't know about that mobile home, I guess it will be this week-end or something like that before Howard can see it. I really really hope that it's a nice place, and that we can move into it over the week-end. I know that it might be a few days more than that before we can move, I have to get the travel permit for the truck and such, plus gas. So I'll need something like $100 to get it all taken care of, but then ... there will be nothing stopping me.

So far none of the jobs I've applied for have come through. I'm sort of glad though, because I'd rather look closer to where we are going to live than Salem, if there is anything that is. Besides I'd have to move right now in order to be there for the first day of school. I think school starts on September 5th this year. So this gives me some time to relax.

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