Sunday, August 20, 2006

Spirit Mountain.

Some of you already know that Howard found a job out at Spirit Mountain Casino. That's about 3 hours from here. So starting Tuesday he will be in training and I will be driving him to and picking him up from there. We plan to stay with Snowanna this week. I'm hoping that I'll find us a place to live that will be closer than Snowanna's place. I'll be looking all week. I'll also be applying for jobs that I can do. There are 4 with the Salem/Keizer school district that I'm going to apply for. So I'm thinking that Dalles would be best, it's a little closer to Salem than to Grand Ronde, 11 to Salem and 15 to Grand Ronde, but I think that will be fine. Once we have a place my next task is going to be looking for a car, something cheap, small and good on gas would be great. I would have liked to have found jobs in a place where I didn't have to have a car. Mass transit is a wonderful thing. But our situation isn't going to work without a car. I do have the truck, but ... it's a truck and doesn't do well on saving gas. Besides there is going to be a lot of problem getting it registered and licensed here in Oregon, since we don't have the title. I didn't know that it would involve so much paper work and money to get a lost title. Oh well, I'll have to do some thing about that before we can sell it.

Aidan was seen by another EI specialist, she says that he is behind in a few areas, but ahead in a few others. If I'm back in Hood River next week, August 31 in fact, they both want to see him. And we will talk about what he needs. I'll then have the paper work for who ever handles that where ever we end up.

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