Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bad Teeth update.

You can see the swelling here. The two lower left back teeth had abscesses on them and they both had to be pulled. Maybe now he will not fight so hard against having his teeth brushed.

So anyway, we took him to the dentist SLG's Mom recommended, they looked at him and determined that there were several teeth that need to be taken care of. But of course those two were an immediate need. They referred us to an Oral Surgeon.

That office recommended that we bring him in right away. So, long story short, we took him in (Thanks Hennifer!) and they rearranged their schedule and got those awful teeth pulled out. He's feeling better now, but won't take his medication very well, so he's in pain quite a bit. We are mixing it with Milk which helps. There is still swelling, but it's getting better. On Tuesday we will take him in for a follow up exam, and hopefully we will have some time to recover financially before we schedule the other teeth. (More on that later.)

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