Thursday, August 30, 2007

What I've been up to lately.

Things have been busy for me for about a week now. On Friday, the 24th, we got up at 5 AM to get ready to take a taxi to the train station. The train was supposed to be there at 6:42 but didn't arrive until 7. Not a big delay, but The Boy really wanted to get on the train, and waiting was really boring. We took the train up to Portland, and then had to take a Grey Hound bus up to my Parents. We had a fairly long wait for the bus, but then everything was good.

My Mom picked us up and took us home, but then had to go back to work. So we got to know the kittens and relaxed until Mom and Dad came home. Howard went out to the storage trailer and threw some of the stuff out. When he came in he told me to be prepared, things were bad in there. We visited with Mom and Dad for awhile and then went out to the RV to go to bed.

Saturday was full of canning tomatoes and getting mixed news from Howard about the damage in the trailer. There were some interesting things that made it through relatively unharmed. Like a Harry Potter book in a plastic box that was sealed and hadn't leaked even a little, which was found in the middle of a box of other things that were ruined. We picked up the U-Haul Saturday afternoon, and The Boy helped his Daddy load up some things.

Sunday Mom and I canned some Bread and Butter pickles and Jalapeno peppers. More mixed news about my things. Nearly all of my books and SCA stuff gone. 3 plastic storage boxes had leaked and were full of water and rotting clothing. The smell was horrible. Pictures of the Older Boys, my treasure chest with keepsakes that were mine baby cloths, baby books, things that were my Grandmothers, and pictures of my parents when they were younger, all gone. But all my Harry Potter books were okay, the videos and DVD's, Beany Babys were all fine. Some important genealogy papers were damaged, but Howard spent hours carefully separating wet papers and laying them out to dry so most of them were saved.

Monday, we finished loading the U-Haul, and tossed the rest back into the trailer. After a shower, we left to drive home. We were too tired to unload Monday evening so we rested and went to bed early.

Tuesday, Carol and her husband Thomas came over and helped us unload the U-Haul. It was hot and exhausting but we got it all done. Well actually they unloaded while I watched the kids, SLG was here, and cleaned and sorted some of the stuff.

Wednesday, taking care of kids in the middle of the mess was interesting to say the least. But we managed and I even made some progress in the sorting and cleaning. My Microwave, Crock Pot, and TV aren't working, but maybe they just need to day out a little bit more. I hope. I got rid of some things that are still good but I don't need, and finding things that should never have made it home at all.

Today, the next to the last day SLG will be coming here, was fairly calm. I washed some of the kitchen stuff, and played with the kids. I posted new pictures on Flickr of The Boy, the Kittens, the Train trip, the ride on the bus, and the produce I brought home from Dad's garden. I need to send SLG's Mom some pictures I took last week. And I'll do some more cleaning. I'm not going to push myself to get things finished, things are safe for the kids and adults in the house, if a bit smelly, so I don't have to worry right now. I'll post the pictures later, or you can go to Flickr and see them.

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