Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bad tooth days.

The Boy has had a tooth ache for a couple of days. I've been looking for a dentist who would take him as soon as possible and was in our Provider Network for our insurance. I also wanted a Pediatric Dentist because The Boy is going to be really freaked out over this, and I want someone who understands and can handle it. Yesterday I found out that the only one in Salem that matches our criteria isn't taking new patients. This Morning The Boy has a swollen face, and HAS to get to a dentist NOW. Luckily SLG's Mom had a recommendation for me, and they will take him this after noon. They aren't in the PPO, but we can go to them anyway. Insurance will pay 80% after the $50 deductible, but there won't be a reduced price like a Network Dentist would have so we will end up paying more. But they will bill the insurance company first, and then we will pay whatever the insurance doesn't, so I have a few days to make sure we have money in the bank for it.

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