Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My workouts.

I've missed 2 workouts so far in this 6 week challenge. I missed Monday because of going for The Boy's MRI. I don't feel too bad about it, since we walked about 3 miles that day. I also missed one when we took The Boy to his last Doctors appointment. I was going to make it up and do a workout on one of my rest days, but that weekend I was sick, and the longer I don't do it, the easier it is not to do it.

Anyway, I think that the balance board weighed me at a lower weight the first time, because I didn't have the extenders on the little feet. We have carpet, a low shag with a rug over it. I didn't think that the carpet and rug were thick enough to make a difference, but once I added the extenders I weighed in at the same weight as the bathroom scale. I'm at 315 now, I weighed myself for 3 days in a row and got the same weight. So I'm fairly sure I'm finally down a couple of pounds, for a total of 5 so far. I'm working on eating less, for example: I used to eat 5 tacos, now I eat 2. It took quite a while to reduce that far, but now I'm full with less. I'm looking into some lower sugar treats that I can either make myself or find pre-made at the store. I think that lowering my sugar intake will be harder to do than reducing the amount of food I eat was. I'll figure it out eventually. At least I can see some progress, finally.

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