Monday, May 03, 2010

MRI complete.

Today was The Boy's MRI. He did fairly well. We need to remember that it takes nearly twice as long for medication to take effect with him than expected. He also needs twice as much. We tested the pills the Doctor gave us to calm him Saturday as she directed. One pill had no effect at all. So today, an hour before the MRI was scheduled for, we gave him two pills. Not much happened until it was over, walking to the bus stop was ... interesting. He was kind of floppy, and was a bit unsteady on his feet. A couple of hours later he was back to his normal self.

We won't find out anything about it until the 24th. His Doctor didn't have any other time open before that. We did get a print of his MRI for him to keep, however. I don't know anything about what it should look like, so I can't even give myself a hint about what it shows. I need to figure out how to make a smaller print, maybe cut it down to only one of the views. Then we will put it in a frame and hang it on his wall. He's probably the only kid we know who has a picture of his brain. LOL

He had a hard time keeping completely still. I think he was stressed out, and his head seemed to jerk, and he couldn't seem to keep his mouth still. However he did try very hard to be as still as possible. And they did get the scans they wanted. We went to Panda Express for dinner, as a treat for taking the pills without argument (he really hates to take medication), and for trying so hard to be still.

If I figure out how to copy the MRI images we have I'll post them. If I don't ... I guess you will just have to wait until we talk to the Doctor about them.

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