Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Boy's updates.

We had a call from the Doctors office saying that The Boy's MRI is normal. I've talked to other Moms with kids who have mild CP, and they all say that it took a neurologist to see the damage. So I guess after we talk to the Doctor on the 24th we'll see if she will give us a referral to see one.

Some days his tremors are much more pronounced than other days. Yesterday for example, we were watching a movie on TV and he had three shaking spells in a row. It's like he is cold and shivering from head to toe, actually it's more like toe to head as it seems to move upward sometimes.

He also had a harder time talking than normal as well. When that happens he pauses for a few seconds like he's searching for a word, but I think that he is trying to find a way to get the word out rather than finding the word itself.

We are going to discuss his balance problems, and see if there is something we can do to help him there. He's afraid he will fall off his bike or his scooter because he feels off balance when he is on them. He says he feels off balance when he climbs up his ladder on his bunk bed, and sometimes when he is walking down stairs. He will sometimes tell people he is afraid of heights because he feels off balance going up ladders and such.

Eventually we need to get him in to see an optometrist, to check the tracking problem and see if there is anything else we should be aware of. Then, I hope, we will be done with Doctors for a while.


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Dempsey Sanders said...

I wish the boy all the best, sincerely do. I had balance problems when I was younger, always felt like I was going to fall over, or when walking with friends I would be walking into them when I was walking alongside them. The doctors found out that I had an inner hearing problem, and when trying to listen to friends for exapmle when walking next to them, it caused my brain to walk into them trying to hear them better. After some brain training and hearing they finally sorted it.

I know this is no doubt different for him, but still wish him all the best and hopefully a good outcome.


Messed up Mama said...

Thanks Dempsey. I'll have to remember your situation when we take him to the Doctor next time. Maybe she will think it's worth a referral.

Stop in anytime you want comments are always welcome. I visited your blog as well. I like your first story, but didn't comment because I didn't know what to say.

Thanks again for your comment and the information you gave me.