Friday, April 15, 2005

Illness and creativity.

Things have been very strange, health wise, for me the last few of days. I didn't feel well on Monday, but I was feeling a lot better on Tuesday. Wednesday I was sick again, but Thursday I was only a little sleepy. Today I'm feeling yucky again. One good thing about this on and off sickness, I have been able to keep the house in fairly good order. It always looks messy, because of all the stuff we have. However, usually when I get sick the whole place goes to pot in just a day or two. Piles of dishes, Aidan's toys all over the floor, dirty cloths almost every where. Not to mention the dirt that tends to get tracked in everyday. Yesterday I was able to get all the dishes washed, sweep the living room and kitchen, and get all the dirty cloths into the hampers. So today I can just lay around and relax.

I'm feeling the need to be creative again. Now all I have to do find something to do. Maybe I'll check out the beading supplies I have and see if there are enough beads in enough colors to make a project. Or maybe I'll try my hand at drawing again. Whatever I do it will have to involve the supplies I already have because right now I can't afford to get new stuff.

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