Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tired and sleepy.

Aidan has decided that no one can sleep-in in the morning. After he has his breakfast anyone still in bed will be treated with him saying "Wake up!" in that high pitched screaming voice that is seems only small children can produce. If he can get into the room, he will crawl into bed with the sleeping person, lay down, and then yell "wake up!". I've been feeling slightly ill the last few days, achy head, stuffy nose, stomach problems, but luckily not a fever or throwing up. Which just means that I'm not sleeping as well as I could. So I'm a little sleepy today.

Several days ago we went to Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse, because Howard wanted to put in an application. While there I looked at the paint department and picked out paint chips of the colors I want to paint Aidan's room. I found a red that was in the discounted bin, it isn't the color of red I want for Aidan's bed, but it only cost $5 which is about a 75% discount. So I got it anyway. I painted the faces of the cupboards in the kitchen and the doors (Which need another coat) And will probably paint the front and doors on the lower cupboards as well. If I have enough paint I just might paint the one wall that is bare as well. I will need to get Howard to hang the doors on the cupboards as soon as the next coat is dry, so that they don't get damaged. That helped with the urge to be creative, but I over did it and ended up with really stressed muscles in my arms and back. I am very out of shape, and the bursitis in my elbows and shoulders just caused even more problems. I'll just have to take it easy when I get the time to finish. Painting with a 2 year old around is not an easy thing. He doesn't take naps most of the time any more, so I have to do things like that on the rare occasions he does take one, or after he is in bed in the evening. I need to make sure that I actually do get it finished. I have this horrible habit of not finishing projects like this unless there is a deadline or some other pressure to get it finished.

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