Friday, April 29, 2005

Understanding, or lack there of.

I sometimes feel that I don't really belong on this planet. I don't understand the things people do, some of their emotions, or the way they think. For example, I can not understand prejudice in any form. I don't understand why people think they have a right to force other people to be what they think they should be. Even when they use their religion as the reason, like some people do to justify homophobia, it doesn't make sense to me. I could be wrong, but aren't Christians supposed to refrain from judging others? Isn't that their God's job? And yet they use their religion, which apparently says that homosexuality is wrong, to justify making homosexuals into second class citizens, they use it as an excuse to hurt them. They judge them to be immoral and so they are able to justify abuse. Sometimes they don't even see it as abuse. I just don't understand. If you believe in God, the way I think Christians are supposed to, and you judge the lives of others as immoral, and force them to live the way you think they should, or at least make sure they have fewer rights than you do, aren't you committing an even greater sin by believing that you can do God's job for him?

A lesser thing I have a problem understanding is jealousy. Wanting what someone else has to the extent that you want to take it from them is very strange. Worrying about the time someone spends with someone else just seems a waste of time. I might want to have something you have, but I don't want to take yours, I just want on like it. I may want to spend more time with someone, but not in a way that keeps them from someone else.

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