Sunday, July 17, 2005


I've been thinking a lot about family lately. I know that I am lucky to have a relatively close relationship with my family. I don't have a lot in common with my brother Cody, except that we both have young children. But we seem to get along pretty well for the most part. Mark and I are great friends. We think alike on several issues, but can debate without anger on those issues we differ on. My Mom is one of my best friends, and I love my Dad very much. I never had a sister though. I think I would have liked to have one.

Some Native American groups have interesting family relationships. Along with the blood relatives there are also family by choice. They call them, as close as possible a translation into English as we can, Sister/Brother/Mother/Father/Uncle/Aunt Friends. You treat these people the same way you would blood family. They have the same rights and responsibilities.

I've thought about finding a Sister Friend to help fill that place in my life. I know of two young ladies that I already feel very close to. In fact one of them might already fit that description, at least she used to. We used to go to the SCA together, and our background story was that we were sisters. We even told people at school that we were sisters. We were often told that there was a family resemblance between us. LOL I'm 45 and she is 30 so it's possible. Especially since my Mom had me when she was only 16, so she would have been only 31 when my sister was born.

The other woman I'd like as a Sister Friend also turned 30 recently. Like me she is the oldest, but she has sisters as well as brothers. She is strong and supportive, and a very loving woman. If I could design a perfect sister for me, I would want her to be as close as possible to my friend. One of the best things about these two women, is the fact that they are best friends.


Anonymous said...

Then come visit us, sister, or give us a call! ;)


Messed up Mama said...

I really wish I could, visit you that is. Hopefully I'll be able to move back to Oregon soon, that would make it easier to see you. I'd call more often, but I'm not sure of your schedule, when would be a good time?

I love you too.