Thursday, July 07, 2005

Toes, nose and throat.

My toes are doing much better. I still think the middle one is broken, but it's healing. It itches like crazy. I caught some kind of sinus/head cold/sickness from Howard. The pressure and the head ache it caused was awful, the post nasal drip down the back of my throat caused it to feel like I'd swallowed a hand full of razor blades. Thank goodness that only lasted 4 days! I'm almost back to normal now. Unfortunately I have to catch up on a weeks worth of dirty dishes. Howard is a wonderful man who took over child care and dinners while I was feeling sick. But he hates washing dishes even more than I do. So they stacked up. Hopefully I'll be able to stand at the sink long enough to do a drainer full a couple times a day until they get caught up. Then I can get back into the purging of things we really don't need. I'm a real pack rat, I'd like to end that habit.

Maybe I'll post some pictures of Aidan's room, when it was actually cleaned up. I haven't done any painting or other decorating in there yet, it's just his bed and his toys. But that's enough. LOL He has several large stuffed toys, lots of Large blocks, small stuffed toys, and cars and trucks in all sizes.

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