Friday, December 30, 2005

Random updates.

It seems like California and the Holidays together get me sick. Every Holiday season since we've been here I've come down with something. Colds, the flu, sinus problems, and this year I've been slightly sick off and on since the 24th. I've thrown up a couple of times, but mostly it's just feeling tired, achey and yucky. Today I'm feeling almost normal.

I've been playing with GIMP a lot lately. I need to get more batteries for my camera, so I can take some of the pictures I have in my head. And I need to come up with the 12 monthly photos for the "Wheel of the year" project. So far I have . They are :

1) Aidan in front of his growth chart.

2) The closest tree.

3) The view from my bedroom window at about 6 PM.

4) A construction Site.

5) The Walgreens sign around noon with the Temp. displayed. (Or other similar sign if we move to Oregon before the end of 2006.

So I need to think of 7 more things that can be transferred to Oregon if we move. If you have any ideas for me, I'd really like to hear them. (Howard keeps saying that we will be moving the first of the month. I know it won't be this month, because I don't have anything packed, I don't have any boxes to pack, and by the time we do have those things we will have to pay the bills here, because it's going to take me a while to get it done. I have to clean out the storage shed, which has probably leaked all over the stuff I put in there. I will need to have someone watch Aidan while to do that, because there is no way I can keep an eye on him while sorting through that mess. The rest of what I need to do I can do while he is around. It will be quicker and easier while he sleeps, but I can do it even with him trying to unpack whatever I pack. LOL) I know that was a very long winded thing to put in parentheses.

I crocheted a knee warmer/brace for Howard. It fits tight enough to give him support and keeps it warm so it aches less. I also started a hat for Aidan. I know he probably won't wear it, but I like the pattern and wanted to make it so I am. LOL

Here are three of the photos I've created today. The all started the same, this first one I blurred the background some to hide the mess on the table as well as focus your attention on Aidan.

This second one is a black and white version with a touch of color in the apple, unfortunately the apple is very dark and doesn't make the impact I'd like. I'll have to play with things and see if I can highlight the apple more.

Well, I can't seem to get the other two pictures to post, so I'll have to try later.

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